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How We Helped Our Client Find the Perfect Product

Selling on Amazon is a great way to bring in a passive source of income, but only if it’s done right, and this includes selling the right product. A lot of sellers want to sell anything and everything, and at the opposite end of the spectrum lies another extreme that only focuses on selling a singular product.

There’s no specifying what the right product exactly is, but there are a few identifiers that help experts like us know if the product is actually worth your time and money, such as if it has a low cost of production and shipping, as well as is associated with the client’s interests and current theme and isn’t just trendy, but has a consistent demand throughout the year, and that is precisely what our experts did for our client!

About the Client

Our client had built a reputation for her store selling a specific subset of candles, but the type of candles she was selling was not only difficult to manufacture, but she was making very little return out of the ones she managed to sell. Despite her loyal customers, she could barely keep herself above operational costs and asked for professional assistance by reaching out to us.

How We Found the Perfect Products

As our client already had a steady fan following, there was little she could actually change without either losing or angering her regular customers. If we had changed to a cheaper supplier, the difference would have been apparent and would have been highlighted in critical comments.

We realized that although we may not be able to change the product itself, we suggested the idea that we should diversify! As a reputable candle store, if the candle themselves weren’t up for change, why not add products that actually could help generate higher profit margins?

We helped our client find related products such as lighters, candle holders, and candle wicks that weren’t just low in cost but also matched the high quality of the candles she had amassed a fan following around. Customers are more likely to buy their things from a single store, so the next time they would go to buy a candle, they’d also purchase a lighter or a wick from her store.

How Did it Help Our Client?

Our efforts may seem minimal, and one might even be confused about how someone could increase their products with something so minuscule. However, it’s important to consider that although the candles themselves were only being sold at an 8% markup, the products, often purchased alongside those or in sets, were being sold at around a 15-20% markup.

Not only did diversifying her product range help her get better profit margins but also increased the number of customers she was retaining as they were now able to fulfill all the needs that her customers had.

Furthermore, with a cumulative marketing strategy, we helped her find newer customers with little to no difficulty and helped her reach the top of Amazon listings, as Amazon is more likely to suggest a store that has all the relevant products that a shopper might go looking for.

With our ingenious insight, consistent efforts in finding the perfect supplier, as well as ensuring the standard and quality of the client’s existing products, we helped her achieve the financial stability she was looking for in order to continue growing her business without the hassle and frustration of having to keep tabs on the costs!

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