What is FBA, and What Does it Mean?

There’s no denying that starting up a business on Amazon has never been as profitable as it is now, and with millions of sellers to back it up, Amazon has introduced a few key features to help both their sellers and their consumers better.

One of the ways they’ve made buying and selling easier on Amazon is through FBA, or Fulfilment by Amazon. You may understand what FBA is but know the intricate details behind it, or you may not understand what it even is; not to worry, we’ve written this blog for you to better understand what FBA is and how it helps.

FBA, also known as fulfilment by Amazon, is a service that allows sellers to store their products in Amazon’s warehouses, and then Amazon will handle the shipping and delivery of those products to customers. This can be a great option for sellers who want to scale their business and reach more customers without having to invest in their own warehouse and shipping infrastructure.

Why Should Seller Use Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA can be of great use to businesses globally, providing a vast range of benefits such as:

Increased sales:
FBA sellers typically see an increase in sales compared to sellers who fulfill their own orders. This is because Amazon has a large and loyal customer base, and FBA sellers can benefit from Amazon’s marketing and advertising efforts.

Reduced costs:
FBA can help sellers reduce their costs by eliminating the need to invest in their own warehouse and shipping infrastructure. Amazon also offers discounts on shipping rates, which can further reduce costs.

Improved customer service:
Amazon provides excellent customer service, and FBA sellers can benefit from this by having Amazon handle customer inquiries and returns. This can free up sellers’ time so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

Increased scalability:
FBA makes it easy for sellers to scale their business. As sales increase, sellers can simply ship more inventory to Amazon’s warehouses. Amazon will then handle the shipping and delivery of those products, so sellers don’t have to worry about capacity constraints.

Access to Amazon Prime:
Sellers can offer their products for Prime shipping, which gives them a competitive advantage over sellers who don’t offer Prime shipping.

Improved search ranking:
Businesses who use FBA typically have a higher search ranking on Amazon than sellers who don’t use FBA. This is because Amazon prioritizes FBA listings in its search results.

Increased brand awareness:
FBA sellers benefit from Amazon’s brand awareness. When customers see an FBA listing, they know that the product is being sold by a reputable seller and that it will be shipped and delivered quickly and efficiently.

The Benefits of Amazon FBA as a Consumer

Now, you may be wondering that FBA automation is mostly better for businesses, but that’s not the case! FBA Sellers provide a plethora of benefits to not just sellers but consumers, too!

If you’ve often waited days in order to get a package, well, you’re in luck because FBA helps consumers get:

Faster shipping:
One of the key benefits that a consumer may get from purchasing FBA products is that they are typically shipped and delivered faster than products that are not fulfilled by Amazon. This is because Amazon has a vast network of warehouses all over the world, and they can ship products from the closest warehouse to the customer.

Free shipping:
Free is always good, and a lot of FBA products are eligible for free shipping, which can save consumers money when purchasing from an FBA store.

Convenient returns:
Amazon has a very easy and convenient return policy for FBA products. Customers can simply return the product to any Amazon warehouse or drop-off location.

Wide selection of products:
Amazon has a wide selection of products that are fulfilled by Amazon. This means that consumers can find almost anything they are looking for on Amazon, and they can be confident that the product will be shipped and delivered quickly and efficiently.

Peace of mind:
Amazon is a trusted brand, and consumers can be confident that their orders will be handled properly when they use FBA. Amazon has a strong track record of customer satisfaction, and they are committed to providing excellent customer service.

How to Get FBA Verified on Amazon?

The benefits might seem too tempting to resist, and you’re probably looking for ways to get FBA verified right now, and we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide in order to assist sellers looking for ways to get FBA verified.

Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account:
Access your Amazon Seller Central account using your existing credentials.

Evaluate your eligibility:
Review Amazon’s FBA eligibility requirements to ensure that your products and account meet their criteria. This includes factors such as the condition of your products, prohibited items, and compliance with Amazon’s policies.

Enrol in the FBA program:
Navigate to the “Settings” section in your Seller Central account and select “Fulfillment by Amazon.” Follow the prompts to enroll your existing store in the FBA program.

Set up FBA preferences:
Configure your FBA preferences, including shipping settings, pricing, and inventory management. Familiarize yourself with the FBA fee structure and policies to ensure a smooth transition.

Prepare your inventory:
Prepare your existing inventory for FBA by ensuring that each product meets Amazon’s packaging and labeling requirements. This may involve relabeling products, repackaging items for protection, and creating shipment plans for sending your inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Ship your products to Amazon:
Follow Amazon’s guidelines for shipping your products to their fulfillment centers. This typically involves creating shipment plans, printing shipping labels, and coordinating with shipping carriers to deliver your inventory to the designated Amazon facilities.


To sum up, becoming an FBA-verified store benefits both sellers as well as consumers on Amazon and is a great tool if utilized correctly.

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