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How We Helped a Client in the US Enhance Their Sales by 63% Using DSP Ads

Getting into Amazon may sound simple enough, but it can be quite a difficult voyage for many people. Time and time again, we’ve seen people try and give up because of the lack of results or frustration with understanding the intricacies involved,

However, Amazonetic is dedicated to helping clients across the globe have a seamless and smooth journey when it comes to selling on Amazon, proving ourselves with not just words but results.

Our victories lie in the achievements of our clients, which is why we pride ourselves in the accomplishments we’ve taken part in and love to demonstrate them.

This journey was not an easy one, but we ensured that our client was not only satisfied but also exceeded their expectations with our cumulation of expertise, efforts, and experience.

About the Client

The pandemic affected millions of people around the world, changing the way people live their day-to-day lives, and our client happened to be one of them. They were running a fairly successful physical store but, due to the restrictions and the uncertain lockdowns, lost a large portion of their revenue.

Our client took their first steps into becoming an online store by deciding to sell on Amazon instead but quickly realized that he needed the help of experts when it came to running an e-commerce store.

How Our Services Helped

Despite the setback of the pandemic, our team was dedicated to showing them results no matter the number of hours it took. We turned to the most tried-and-tested method of increasing someone’s reach on Amazon exponentially; DSP Ads.

The Use of DSP Ads

Although our client had been trying to run Amazon display ads on their own, they found themselves spending money without actually seeing any results. One of the biggest drawbacks of using DSP ads without prior knowledge is that people find themselves throwing money away at ads that aren’t likely to reach their customers.

Normally, this occurs as a lack of foresight when it comes to noting down their target audience. Display ads can be all over the place, and if a business is catering to, let’s say, athletes with their new footwear, it wouldn’t make much sense if those ads were being targeted towards people above the age of 70, whose physical activity is already very restricted.

However, by ensuring we were constantly monitoring and targeting the customers that mattered most to our client by using the right keywords and demographic details, we were able to maximize conversions while ensuring the cost for each ad remained relatively low. This resulted in a staggering increase in sales by nearly 63% in the first month alone, as opposed to their self-guided endeavor a month prior to hiring us.

We effectively found the right channels and correct audience to not just cater to new customers but also to retarget older customers which may have clicked off using promotional Display ads that enticed them to come back and make a purchase which helped not just amass a new audience but also create a loyal fanbase for our client to cater to.v

The Benefits of The First Month Alone

Although results vary from time to time and may not be noticeably apparent during the first few months, we worked tirelessly to guarantee results for our client and not only meet their expectations but surpass them.

We helped our client

  • Increase Sales by 63%
  • Reduce Advertising Costs by 37%
  • Enhanced ROI by 126%
  • Save Time
  • Gain the Feasibility of Managing Their Business with More Time

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