Boost Your Sales Through Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Increase Your Sales Through Amazon Listing Optimization

Amazon product listing optimization is the backbone of your sales. Listing on Amazon is your product advertising page, which shows information about your brand or product, including its unique specifications, user benefits, prices, country availability, and delivery information in the form of images and content. Your product listing page has the power to increase or decrease your sales, so it is essential to optimize it accordingly.

Amazon product listing optimization can be complicated for many sellers since it involves a combination of using the right short-tale and long-tale keywords, writing concise yet clear product copy, and using high-quality images or an explanatory video of your product.

We have curated this detailed guide on how to increase sales on Amazon with Amazon listing optimization to give you a walk in the park. Let’s dive deeper to learn it in the easy 10 strategies below and beat your competitors.

Table of Contents

  • Write an SEO-optimized Amazon Product Page Meta Title
  • Write Easy to Understand Product Specifications
  • Provide Attractive Images
  • Offer Deals to Grab Attention
  • Spend on Online-Ads
  • Get Positive Amazon Reviews
  • Offer a Feasible Amazon Fulfilment
  • Keep Your Product In-Stock
  • Hire a Company for Amazon Product Listing Optimization
  • FAQs
  • Wrapping Up

Write an SEO-optimized Amazon Product Page Meta Title

Create SEO-optimized Meta Titles for Amazon Product Page

A product title is the first thing that a user sees before moving further. It is the first step to entice the users to stay on the product page and find out more details about it. An SEO-optimized meta title ranks higher on Amazon’s search results if you have incorporated your product name clearly, along with an eye-catching product feature, such as Razer BlackShark Surround Sound Gaming Headset. You can use a short-tale or long-tale keyword to emphasize what the product actually is and what unique specifications it offers. It’s also known as the USP (Unique Selling Point) of your product, which further helps users in decision-making.

Keyword optimization is the most crucial part of your Amazon product listing optimization. The more relatable, attention-grabbing, and user-friendly your keyword is, the greater the chances of a boost in sales. Take it from a user’s perspective. In the sea of gaming headsets, what sets your product apart? Optimizing your meta title can be the perfect way of telling your potential customers what they are signing up for.

Write Easy to Understand Product Specifications

Once you have optimised your product’s meta title, now is the time to learn how to improve your Amazon product listing by incorporating easy-to-understand product specifications. It’s smooth sailing if you know the ropes.

Amazon shares the product specifications in the form of bullet points in the center of the Amazon product listing page. It allows you to describe your product using 1000 characters, along with spaces and punctuation. You can use 250-255 characters per bullet point, writing six or seven bullet points total.

Now, you have to write concise copy without using any jargon, complex terms, or words that a layman needs help comprehending. Go with simple and short sentences explaining each feature and not only how it works but also what benefits it offers to the users. Include things like whether your product can work with a specific other product or if it does need any extra care from water, heat, or falling. This makes it easy for the users, leading to a smooth purchase.

Provide Attractive Images

Use visual appealing attractive images

While a powerful product meta title and clear bullet points are the keys to selling your product, your product image grabs user attention first, in seconds. Focusing on appealing product images and videos can boost Amazon sales effectively.

Amazon allows you to upload nine images for listing on Amazon, showing every dimension of your product. However, only the first seven images, or six, if you have a product on your live product listing page. To effectively implement Amazon listing optimization, you must align your images accordingly. Always choose the most precise picture with a white background as the first image and keep selecting the other five or six images in the first slots, following the same tactic. Images can be in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format.

You can use an image size of 500 pixels on the shortest side. Amazon suggests using a picture of 1000 pixels in either width or height. This practice allows users to zoom in and find clear images.

Additionally, Amazon declares that images above 10,000 pixels cannot be allowed to upload.

Offer Deals to Grab Attention

To entice your potential buyers, you can offer higher deals and discounts on your product than your competitor by taking advantage of seasonal deal days, such as Prime Day, Cyber Monday, Amazon Black Friday deals, Spring and Summer deals, etc.

Encourage users to buy by offering a little extra discount compared to what your competitors are offering. You can follow this strategy by using Amazon Coupons, which will let you display a coupon badge in Amazon search results, offering a dollar or percentage off discounts to users. This will encourage them to compare prices and value for money and eventually buy from your brand.

You can also attract your target audience by offering social media promo codes. Once you generate a promo code, you can share its URL on different social media platforms, displaying your product to reach a broader target audience.

Such an offer not only attracts new leads but also tempts your recurring customers to never let go of a sale.

Spend on Online-Ads

Amazon Display Ads Online

Spending money on Amazon advertising can be another good way to get fruitful results. Amazon offers three types of advertising options for its sellers to boost visibility and generate sales: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Displays.

Using the “Amazon Sponsor Product” program, you can enhance brand visibility. Amazon allows you to run (PPC) Pay-Per-Click on your product. You can only pay when a user clicks on your ad. However, the chances are that these clicks can convert into conversions.

The “Amazon Sponsored” program lets you use different formats, such as product collection ads, video ads, and headline heads. These ads can show your product on Amazon’s search result pages and within browsing categories, offering brand recognition, increasing brand awareness, and driving traffic to your brand store if you have created one.

Whereas these two programs solely focus on boosting brand visibility and sales, using the “Amazon Sponsored Display” allows you to reach potential users by advertising your product on Amazon product pages and Amazon affiliate sites. Rather than entirely depending on SEO, this is an effective way to gain new customers through product retargeting by using rich media and contextual pictures.

Get Positive Amazon Reviews

Positive Reviews on Amazon

Getting positive reviews from customers isn’t difficult if you offer them a smooth shopping experience. This includes the quality of your brand/product and customer support. Make sure your product conveys crystal clear messages about its performance and user benefits. Avoid smoke and mirrors.

Amazon has created a unique feature known as “Amazon Vine.” It allows authentic Amazon users to review products and helps users gain insights. It also lets them share their thoughts about new products, offering valuable insights for potential customers.

To gain these reviews, you must be a professional selling partner. The process follows a simple criterion, starting with submitting accessible units of your products. These reviews can help you foster trust, offer brand awareness, and boost sales of your products.

Offer a Feasible Amazon Fulfilment

Choose “FBA” fulfilment on Amazon rather than “SPF” or self-shipping. “FBA offers more advantages, such as the fastest shipping and free two-day shipping. Amazon prioritises “FBA” products by displaying them on many Amazon search result pages, increasing product visibility and boosting sales. You can send your product/products to Amazon warehouses to follow a smooth procedure. Amazon handling your product returns and complaints can help set a better brand image.

It also prevents you from hassles like storing, packaging, or shipping products on your own. You can utilise this time to invest in Amazon optimization.

Keep Your Product In Stock

Always Stock Your Product

The crux of the matter is keeping your product always in stock. Imagine a customer visiting your product page and finding an “out of stock” alert. How would they feel? The product is their need or want at that specific time, and seeing unavailability can rapidly lead them to your competitor’s product, hurting your sales.

It is essential to restock your inventory before you run out of stock so you will avoid any delays in shipping or placing your product listing on Amazon. You can utilize the FBA restock tool for inventory planning, which helps you track sales, demand forecast, and seasonality. You can also keep an eye on your seller’s “Manage Inventory” page to keep in mind the product pieces’ availability.

Adjust Pricing Against Your Competition

You can use Amazon’s “Automate Price” feature to adjust your product pricing quickly. This feature can also allow you to get a “Featured Offer,” also known as a “Buy Box” on Amazon. It can show your product listing on the right side of the product detail page. It can offer a default purchase option for customers who add the product to their cart.

A “Featured Product” significantly gets a broader reach by increasing your product visibility, ranking higher on search engines, and leading toward a boost in sales.

Hire a Company for Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Hire an Amazon Marketing Company for Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Some companies excel in Amazon product listing optimization. Having a deep understanding of Amazon’s search engine algorithms, they can offer their insights on your product listing optimization methods to skyrocket your sales.

Consider hiring an Amazon listing optimization service expert to help you create compelling and user-friendly product listings by implementing keyword research techniques for your Amazon store optimization. It can improve your product visibility and ranking in search results.

Wrapping Up

Optimizing your Amazon listing is crucial to achieve satisfying sales. Now, you’re familiar with all the essential tactics for Amazon listing optimization and know how to improve Amazon listing. Always look for fluctuating Amazon trends to play by the rules. Therefore, sharpen your saw and embark on an exciting voyage where successful sales are awaiting to meet your products.

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